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"Christ blessing the Children"
[In loving memory of Charlotte Virginia Whitehurst]

Above the head of Christ is the descending dove, representative of the Holy Spirit, bestowed on us in baptism and remaining with us throughout our lives.  To the left of the dove is the shell of Holy Baptism and to the right is the chalice of Holy Communion.  Below Christ are the four angel holding a scroll on which is inscribed the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, goodness, faith, temperance, (as found in Galatians 5:22).  To the left of the angels is a baptismal font with a descending dove above it and to the right of the angel are hands representative of the laying on of the Bishop's hands in confirmation.  Around the hands are tongues of fire representing the presence of the Holy Spirit.  The border of crowns is topped by the large crown over the head of Christ, the King of Glory.  The entire window is meant to depict our entry into and growth in the Christian Life, from baptism to confirmation and beyond as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

West Chancel Windows
East Chancel Windows


"Sanctus: The Song of the Angels"


"Magnificat: The Song of Mary"




West Clerestory Windows

East Clerestory Windows

"The Intercession"
[A Thank Offering]

"The Judgment"
[In memory of Rennie Otto Wilson]

"Creation of the World"
[In memory of Mary Caldwell (King) Notestine]

"The Flood"
[In memory of John Alder Wisherd]

"The Resurrection"
[In memory of Annie May Morgan Olds]
"The Divine Commission"
[In memory of Will Albert Morgan]
"The Ascension"
[A Thank Offering]


"The Patriarchs"
[In memory of John Albert Laurence Thomson]
"The Law"
[In memory of Carl Wayne Stevens]
"The Judges"
[A Thank Offering of the Episcopal Young Children of Grace Church]


[In memory of John Clifford Wagner, M.D.]
"Holy Communion"
[In memory of Herbert Fred Wilber]
[In memory of Oscar Wm. Moehle and Maeme (Lang) Moehle]

"The Kings"
 [In memory of John Robert Elk, Sr]
"The Prophets"
[In memory of Frank Robert Mohink]
"The Exile"
[In memory of William Herber and Jessie Constance (Murray) Herber]


"The Miracles"
[In memory of Helen Mar (Plummer) Smith]
"The Temptation"
[A Thank Offering]
"The Calling of the Disciples"
[A Thank Offering]


[In memory of Beverley Irene (Barton) Bush]
"The Nativity"
[In memory of William Oliver Fuller]
"The Epiphany"
[In memory of Charles Canfield (Tom) Cheseldine]

West Aisle

East Aisle

The Church in Oklahoma

"The Church in Oklahoma"

[In Loving Memory of Okla Vanselous]


The Church in Jerusalem

"The Church in Jerusalem"

[In Loving Memory of Carla Browne Stevens]

The Church Expands Westward

"The Church Expands Westward"

[In Loving Memory of George Maynard Jacques]


The Church in Ephesus

"The Church in Ephesus"

[In Loving Memory of Finis Plumbley Ernest]


The Church in Independent America

"The Church in Independent America"

[In Loving Memory of Sylvia (Pierce) Roseberry]

The Church in the British Isles

"The Church in the British Isles"

[In Loving Memory of Wallace Holmes]

The Colonial Church

"The Colonial Church"

[In Recognition of the Work of Faith-filled Women of the Church]







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